Sand Sitting

from by Eenor

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based on the A=432 tuning derived from perfect C scale (binary C based on law of doubling). Some say this is the true tuning (or Verdi tuning), and that A=440 is a deliberate deviation from natures tones.

432hz is an octave of the speed of light. 432 x 432 = 186624
the classic speed of light is 186400 miles/second.

Saturn is the solar systems accurate time piece and it orbits the procession every 864 years (432 x 2). The harmonic overtone partials of A=432hz appear to line up to countless natural patterns. The included picture is a cymatic of 432hz, and has been named the Trion-re which is thought to be a new solid (#6) which is actually a particle of light or photon...bridging the gap of how light can be both particle and wave, three dimensionally this shape has 3 edges and 2 points (a sort of triangular torpedo shape). It also represents the shape which is a basic building block of the flower of life design found throughout history (and before) all over the world.


from Attention, released December 2, 2013



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Eenor San Francisco, California

Eenor is a unique genetic brew: one part intergalactic space bird and one part albino ape from the inner tubes of earth. Eenor is a new fangled multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and intriguing performer, he has performed worldwide and been received enthusiastically by audiences all over Europe and America with The Les Claypool Frog Brigade, The Yard Dogs Road Show, & Plainfield, more. ... more

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