Schumann likes Phi (sing low A flat)

from by Eenor

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This one is slightly dissonant and is also made from pure sine waves. Recommended sung note is low A flat (ideally in A=432 tuning). It will ease the dissonance strangely. Of course move around in pitch and mouth shape and find what feels good to you. The frequencies are octaves of the Schumann Resonance Cavity (Earth's Tone) plus extra tones that are Schumann multiplied by Phi (7.83 hz times 1.618).
The Base Chakra corresponding to the note C is the 33rd octave of the first Schumann Resonance. Middle C on the musical scale has a frequency of 261.63 Hz (or more properly 256hz in A=432). If we divide this frequency by 7.83 Hz. (Schumann Resonance) the result is 33, the 33rd. octave. Fancy. perhaps this relates to those wacky Masons and their degrees.


from Attention, released December 2, 2013



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Eenor San Francisco, California

Eenor is a unique genetic brew: one part intergalactic space bird and one part albino ape from the inner tubes of earth. Eenor is a new fangled multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and intriguing performer, he has performed worldwide and been received enthusiastically by audiences all over Europe and America with The Les Claypool Frog Brigade, The Yard Dogs Road Show, & Plainfield, more. ... more

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